HTP Sprayer Brass Head KK-22A3/KK-22B3


Portable and suitable for large spraying operations in orchards like mango, coffee, rubber plantations, apple, vineyards, ground crops and particularly for tall trees like coconut, rubber, areca nut etc.
Engine Power 0.4kW-1.1kW (0.6hp-1.5hp) 0.7kW-1.5kW (1hp-2hp) 2.6kW-3.7kW (3.5hp-5hp)
Pump RPM 800-1200  800-1200  800-1200
Output Pressure 10-40 (kg/cm2) 10-40 (kg/cm2) 10-40 (kg/cm2)
Suction Volume 5-10 (L/min) 10-18 (L/min) 13-22 (L/min)
Pump Oil (20w40 Grade) 250ml 450ml 700ml
Hose Pipe length Upto 75m Upto 100m Upto 150m
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